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When someone we love dies, there is a natural tendency to want to talk about them as much as possible, perhaps to have new pictures put in frames around the house, all in order to help keep their memory alive and with us.

Whether our loved one is buried or cremated, a great deal of care is taken over choosing a fitting memorial for them, whether that be a stone, a bench, a tree, or some other way to remember. This might not just include words, but also pictures, or other images and logos. All of this makes the memorial relevant, and provides comfort.

QR Memories can now provide a further way to help remember, and at the same time, allow others, perhaps even people who never knew the person, to learn a little more about them, and what they achieved during their life.

QR codes can be placed into stone memorials onto graves, or next to a tree or shrub, on a bench, or even on to a metal plaque. In every case, the code is linked directly to the relevant page on this website, offering the user the opportunity to learn a little more from text, photos and video.

A simple scan is all it takes. If a scanner is not available, the presence of the code will confirm that a page on this site exists, and can be viewed later.

How it works?

Create QR code


We create a unique QR Code which links to a page on this site
QR code metal


The QR code is cut into stone or metal, tested and placed into the memorial
Memory page


The individual page is created for the family and the information added
Scan code


On scanning the code, the QR takes the user directly to the page

“QR Memories is a way to share all of our Dad’s memories with our family and friends. It has kept us all together in remembering this wonderful man and when we find another memory, we add it to his page, and add to his story for us to look at whenever we want.”

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