Fred & Ann Dorothy Peaty

Fred & Ann Dorothy Peaty

This is a small tribute to the life of Fred Peaty, a wonderful dad, grandad and great-grandad and Ann Peaty, a wonderful wife, mother and nan
In Loving Memory Of Fred & Ann Dorothy Peaty

This is a small tribute to the life of Fred Peaty, a wonderful Dad, Grandad and Great-Grandad.

Fred was born in Manor Park, London. He was the second eldest of four children. Fred grew up at 40 Second Avenue, life was not always easy and Fred used to tell us of the times that he would do errands as a boy to help earn money for the family. Fred attended Grammar School for three and a half years and really did not like it at all! The only thing that got him through was his love of football and he played for the school football team. Fred was also an avid West Ham United fan and supported them from the age of 11.

When Fred was 14, World War II broke out. He left school and started an apprenticeship in “Sheet Metal Work” for a local company. Once Fred was 18, he was called up for his National Service and joined the Royal Navy. He travelled to many countries and had many stories to tell. He always said that if he hadn’t joined the Royal Navy he would never have had the chance to see and visit many of the countries that he had.

In August 1951 Fred married Ann Canning and they began their married life at 40 Second Avenue, renting the upstairs flat. Then after 10 years and saving hard, they moved into Shakespeare Crescent, Manor Park and went on to have two children, Jan and John.

Fred & Ann Dorothy Peaty
Fred Peaty

Money was tight and Fred had three jobs at one point to make sure his family had what they needed. Then in 1965 (?), Fred got a job at Fords Motor Company in Dagenham. Although he didn’t enjoy this as much, it paid more money and Fred remained there until he retired at 60. Fred and Ann retired and moved down to Clacton, where they had spent many a happy holiday when Jan and John were young. Although Ann had health problems over the years, they remained happy and devoted to one another. Sadly Ann passed away in September 2008 and Fred missed her terribly.

Fred’s last few years were spend reading and catching up on his favourite TV programmes. But most of all he enjoyed watching football and his beloved West Ham.

Fred was a true gentleman and he will be remembered for his quiet and gentle ways. He was honest, kind, trustworthy and very intelligent too. We will miss him so much.

This is a small tribute to celebrate the life of Ann Peaty, a wonderful Wife, Mother and Nan

Ann was born in East Ham, London. She was the youngest of five children and the only girl. Ann grew up in Roman Road in a two up two down house. She had a very happy childhood there which included the war years and the blitz. This is also where Ann met Fred her husband to be. Ann left school at 14 and although she would have loved to have been a nurse, it was not to be.

Ann went on to work in newsagents in Green Street which she loved. Ann married Fred in August 1951 and went to live in Second Avenue, Manor Park. Then after 10 years they moved into Shakespeare Crescent, Manor Park and went on to have two children Jan and John. Here in 1967, Ann also cared for her mum who suffered from Parkinson’s Disease, until her mum passed away in 1976.

Ann Dorothy Peaty

Once Jan and John were older, Ann had several part time jobs; the last was working in the doctor’s surgery in East Ham. Ann retired aged 60 and both Ann and Fred moved down to a bungalow in Clacton. Ann had spent many happy holidays there with Fred, Jan and John in St Osyths. This helped them decide Clacton was the place they wanted to retire to. Ann loved the bungalow and spent many happy times there. It was only the last few years that Ann was ill and her quality of life suffered.

Ann will be remembered for being such a kind and helpful person who would never have a bad word to say about anyone. Always putting others before herself. Anyone that met and knew Ann will know the special person that she was and that is how we would like to remember her.

One of Ann’s favourite songs was played in church at her funeral-Stevie Wonder-“I Just Called to Say I love You”. She used to love singing along to it whenever she heard it.

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Fred & Ann Dorothy Peaty
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