Gwilym Huw  Davies

Gwilym Huw Davies

Now, “In Heavenly love abiding”.
In Loving Memory Of Gwilym Huw Davies

Gwilym (usually known as Gwil) was born in Barnsley on 7th June 1980 and moved to Haxby in 1987. He was the son of Joan and David and brother of Tom and Lizzy.

He attended Ralph Butterfield and Joseph Rowntree Schools and York College. He was a member of the scouts in Haxby, the youth group at the Methodist church and later the Army Cadets at Strensall.

He played in Rowntree’s Junior Band and the York Schools Orchestra. He was a keen runner and mountain biker. At the time of his death he was a student in Wrexham studying for a degree in electrical engineering.

Gwil had a wide circle of friends and is remembered with great affection by all who knew him.

Now, “In Heavenly love abiding”.

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Gwilym Huw Davies
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