Michele Rodford

Michele Rodford

20 January 1977 - 15 April 2020
Beautiful, inspirational, brave and strong with the most infectious laugh ever! Lit up every room she walked in to.
In Loving Memory of Michele Rodford (1977 - 2020)
We’ll always be together however far it seems

What can we say about our Mich… simply a beautiful soul.
Courageous, strong and so so funny. Would light up the room and when you heard that crazy cackling laugh you knew it was Mich.

One of the bravest people we knew. She fought to the end, she wanted to live so much, she had so much to live for.
Sadly she lost her battle with cancer on 15th April 2020.
Right to the end she was joking and said “this would happen to me now during a pandemic.” She had already planned to have a two hour funeral slot because she said “you know what I’m like girls, I’ll be late to me own funeral so we better make it a two hour slot haha” Mich was not one for her time keeping. If you was going to a party and it was starting at 8pm you would tell Mich it was starting at 6:30pm that way she would get there on time, just! Always fashionably late but we wouldn’t have changed her for the world. What we wouldn’t give to have her turn up late to a party now! The one thing Mich was far to early for was her funeral.

Mich is survived by her son Luke, her one true love. She simply adored him!   She couldn’t have been more proud of him. He was her world. Her LK.
We all have many stories and memories of Mich to tell him.

We will never forget the beautiful soul that she was and one of our favourite songs that we would dance around the kitchen to, Electric Dreams, has the perfect lyric, to simply say: “We’ll always be together, however far it seems” x


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Michele Rodford
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