Phil Barnard

Phil Barnard

It is with such a heavy heart we say 'Good-bye' to you and never shall we forget all your hard work, dedication and commitment to every single pupil you taught and cared for.
In Loving Memory Of Phil Barnard
Phil, words cannot express the sadness I feel about your loss - you were such an important figure in the life of Pimlico School and the Community... it is with such a heavy heart we say 'Good-bye' to you and never shall we forget all your hard work, dedication and commitment to every single pupil you taught and cared for. You instilled a great working ethos and environment and truly believed in a balanced and broad curriculum for all. You wanted every single child to reach their full potential and never gave up pushing or that! Be it chasing a student down Lupus Street, collecting them from St Georges Square Park or Churchill Gardens estate or just from the toilets! You never gave up on them!

You were an inspiring Head to have worked for, you always led by example and spent far too many hours picking up litter! You taught more lessons that you ever needed to and took more cover lessons than you would allocate to your staff. You were a tall, handsome figure and presence with a calm and direct manner. I shall never forget the support you gave me personally during a very difficult period of my life... I will cherish this forever!
You worked soooo hard, Started at School at 6.30am everyday and never did less than 14 hour days! You fought for the students, the community and their families and were always humble.. often shy about praise.. unless it was on that football pitch where you wore your Manchester United Kit with pride.. and would threaten any teacher with cover or student with Detention if they spoke ill of your team!

You really were a legend PB.. our own 'Robocop' and my personal 'Superman'... Thank you for the blood, sweat and tears you shed to make the school, staff, community and our Pupils' lives better..I'll forever cherish your memory in my heart.. sleep well Phil,
Rory Simpson xxx
Mr Barnard, was an amazing human being, an amazing teacher and an amazing mentor who always motivated me to give my best. It saddens my heart hearing of your loss. All the lessons you taught me will always remain with me, your leadership, mentorship and guidance made me a better person. He touched so many lives, helped so many people and made them walk in the right path, the path of wisdom and greatness always pushing his students to their full potential.

All the times he has grabbed me in the corridors or from St George's Square Park which he always knew where I'd be, I can't express enough in words how appreciative I am of all his guidance. He among a rare few are one of the greatest educators, teachers, role models and will never be forgotten. May your memory live on through your loved ones, students and colleagues. I would also like to thank another amazing person who helped make me the man I am today and for the opportunity to write a few words. Thank you Mrs Simpson for all you have done.
Ibrahim Gouten
Mr Barnard, as far as head teachers go you were one of a kind! You always wanted what was best for us and the school even when we were up to no good you always saw the good in every pupil… thank you for everything! rest in peace Mr Barnard! Gone but never forgotten.
Jay Doyle
Dearest Phil, the legend of what being a true Pimlican was. A man with a heart of gold and time for everyone! You shared your Man U supporting fondness with my son, for that you always gave him a pass, when he deserved the full force of a sanction, you always saw the good and potential in everyone and with your calm, dedicated, selfless self-you were always able to win over the most challenging of situations. It’s for that reason that you were loved so dearly and never will be forgotten, you were and are Pimlico and embedded the culture and family it became.

Thank you for your leadership, your friendship and your guidance.
May you continue to live on in the memory of those who were blessed to have met you.
Deborah Gooden (Mitchell) & Family
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Phil Barnard
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