Ronald W Gormer

Ronald W Gormer

In Loving Memory of Ronald W Gormer

Ronald William Gormer was born on February 13, 1922 in West Hartlepool.

The Eldest of six surviving sons of James William and Kate Agnes(nee Saunders) Gormer. The Gormers can trace their roots in Suffolk to the 1500s, but he enjoyed telling the tale of how he and his brother Lenny came to be born in West Hartlepool.

According to family legend, unable to find employment in Ipswich, his parents got on their bikes and cycled north to Newcastle. Within three years they were back in Ipswich where they stayed until their deaths, James in 1973 and Kate in 1971. Ron spent many years working overseas, Aden, Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Sierra Leone, Ghana and Nigeria.

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Ronald W Gormer
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