Steve Harrington

Steve Harrington

(1975 - 2022)
Steve, is a wonderful husband , fantastic daddy, , brilliant friend the best Brother, son & uncle too so many who each adored everything about him.
A simply gentle soul, A wonderful man with hard working hands and a golden heart. He would go out of his way to help others endlessly……the man everyone knows & loves our very own “little legs” 💙
In Loving Memory Of Steve Harrington (1975 - 2022)

Steve, is a funny man with a great sense of humour. He didn’t want for much enjoying the simple things life had to offer!…..if you ever experienced his tormenting & jokes in anyway then I very much believe this was his way of showing you his love.
His family & friends meant everything to him.

Steve, had the highest respect for everyone around him and didn’t tend to take himself too seriously!  The work lads were a massive part of his life daily-his friends. A day wouldn’t go by that he didn’t come home & talk fondly about them & what they had all been up to with a huge smile across his cheeky face.

Always a party starter, up for a laugh especially when he thought he could manage more than two jäger bombs in a row🤣

Steve, worked extremely hard for many years as a steel erector and would turn his hand to any trade set upon him- whether it be at home, work, helping others, or at the fairground.

He loved the part of his life and heritage as a showman working on the fair , Going off for hours to “have a look about” or “go to the toilet” – which really meant a sneaky fag incase his mum caught him! 🤣

He taught me as his wife pretty much everything I know about being handy with construction or odd jobs (as I know he did for many others too!). The best teacher in all Aspects of life. Especially how to provide for our daughter when the odds are stacked against us- I am forever grateful from my entire being.

Steve, gave me our beautiful daughter MARYLOU  (Born 29th may 2009) She was his absolute world from the day we found out we were becoming parents. They are two peas in a pod! The best daddy that ever walked the earth.

Only being a teenager myself (Hayley) at 17 when Steve and I met in a pub where we both hung-out often. I can honestly say,  it was love at first sight for us both and we never looked back from the first day we met. He moved in & never left!!

We are twin flames-the love of each others life’s.

Steve, has never changed in 20 years! looks, personality or waistline…..forever young and one of the most genuine people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting & becoming one with. A true earth angel.

This man is a legend & will live on for eternity. All of Our hearts are broken so deeply words will never be able to describe, but memories live on forever. The imprint Steve has left can never be filled. The world now has a forever gap that’s formed in everyone’s lives.

Until we meet again-See you in our dreams, your wife , your girls Hayley & Marylou. 💕💙💕

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Steve Harrington
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