Susan Christine Mansfield

Susan Christine Mansfield

Sue was a wonderful, wonderful women and will be remembered forever
In Loving Memory Of Susan Christine Mansfield

This is the Living Memorial Page for Susan Christine Mansfield.

If you are reading this then it is likely you have scanned the QR code on Susan’s memorial plaque. it may be that you knew Susan therefore this Living Memorial may help jog some wonderful memories, It may also be that you did not know Susan but that you are link by ancestry or even just a little curious to what is this QR code for. If this is the case then this Living Memorial will expand the simple information of a name and date which is placed on the plaque and give you just some idea of the wonderful person who is buried here.

Susan Christine Mansfield or Susie as she was known to her family was born on Sunday 17th September 1950 to her loving parents Joan Eileen Wilson nee Wager and Kenneth Harmon Wilson ( if you look to your left next to Susie’s plaque you will see Ken is at rest along side his daughter).At the time of Susie’s Birth she already had one brother Terry born a year before her. Over the next 16 years Susie was joined by more brothers and sisters Keith, Barbara, David, Brenda, Valerie, Stephen and Josie a total of nine siblings all together.

Keith, Susie and Terry

When Susie was born ken and Joan had to split there time living between kens parents Bessie Maud Wilson nee Woodward and Henry Wilson at 57 Jarvis Road and Joan’s parents Lucy Eliza Wager nee Wicking and Charles Albert Wager at 7 Drovers Road.

The family then set up Home At number 25 Arnhem Drive New Addington Susie often remembered this time with great fondness a hard time growing up with little money but many happy memories of cutting up pieces of wood and making elastic bands from old inner tubes and then herself Terry and Keith would chuck them into Barbara’s pram and walk the streets of new Addington selling them. also in this period where some happy holidays down in the Kent hop farms picking hops a working holiday but lots of fun with some of her aunts, uncles grandparents and cousins.

As the family grew they left new Addington for Nobury Ave and for Susie she left Fairchilds seniors for Norbury Manor School for girls. Sue had previously gone to Overbury and Rowdown juniors. With more editions to the family they moved back to New Addington Applegarth.

At the age of 15 Sue started her working life at Holts a Factory supplying car accessories in New Addington. Susie was a hard worker she helped her mum with the care of her brothers and sisters and would go office cleaning after work with her Dad. Throughout her life she nearly always had two jobs at a time and learned to cook cakes which she perfected into a side career catering and cake making with, first her sister in law Sylvia and then with sister Brenda along with most of her friends and family pulling together to help waitress and serve.

Whilst at Holts Susie enjoyed charabang trips to Southend having a good drink and a laugh, many of these trips taken with friend Susan Beall and John Beall whom Susie had paired up. They remained friends for the rest of Susie’s life

Susie had a great many friends and was a central figure in any gathering. The life and soul.

Susie also met Peter Mansfield At Holts and on 6th October 1978 they married two years later in 1980 Susie left holts and joined the local chemist in New Addington and had her first child Lisa Cemettre nee Mansfield was born on 1st march 1980. On 15th September 1984 Susie’s son Steven Mansfield was born.

Susie and husband Peter

Susie loved a party and her Home at 7 Kennelwood Crescent New Addington was filled with lots of parties some of which were fancy dress parties everyone would make the effort. Whilst living at Kennelwood Sue became friends with neighbour Carol Harris another life long friend.

In 1994 the family moved to 59 Salcot Cresent New Addington. Susie started working for a medical firm Hook and Tucker at the same factory site as her first job at Holts in Vulcan way in 1992 and worked there up until her passing

In 2001 Susan discovered her breast cancer which she beat for over 10 years however in 2012 the cancer returned and Susie died on Friday 19th 2014.

Susie enjoyed a great many Holidays in Britain but mainly went abroad visiting countless amount of places Spain, Tenerife, Cyprus, Malta, Portugal to name but a few her favourite being Mexico along with many cruises covering the med the canary islands and the Caribbean.

Sue loved driving and had many, many cars her first a ford Anglia to her last a Mazda 2.

Sue also loved a game of bingo, a glass of wine and would often be found cleaning up something or other
Another of the things Sue loved was Christmas and she would often go to town with her tree – Sue must have had new decorations every year.

In 2006 the family moved to 10 Montgomery way Caterham. In 2011 Susie was blessed with her first Granddaughter Ava whom Susie cherished.

Sue was a wonderful wonderful women and will be remembered forever. Below I am leaving a space which I will invite friends to send me memories which can be shared with you.


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Susan Christine Mansfield
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