The  Murray Family

The Murray Family

In Loving Memory Of The Murray Family

Hi there and welcome to the Murray family memories site.

This branch of the Murray family are from the West end of Newcastle upon Tyne.

The first image you see is of Albert “Gordon” Murray with his daughter Lois Joanne and his son Graeme Neil – it was taken sometime in 1971 after Graeme’s birth.

Gordon, as he was known was born on September 9th 1928 in Newcastle and together with Maureen Elizabeth had 3 children – Lois Joanne (1969-), Graeme Neil (1971-) and Margaret Kay (1973-).

Gordon married Maureen Elizabeth Barrett in 1967 at Holy Cross Church and they setup home at 41 Newminster Road in Fenham, Newcastle.

His brother Alan was a priest who served most of his time at St Mary’s Church of England church in Seaton Deleval and performed the wedding service for Gordon and Maureen at Holy Cross church in Fenham.

Gordon passed away in February 1995 and his wife Maureen Elizabeth died in January 2012.

As this memorial site develops, I intend to publish images and stories to enlighten both family members and curious passers by.

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The Murray Family
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