The Naval Service  Memorial

The Naval Service Memorial

A memorial that commemorates those who have served, serve today and will serve tomorrow regardless of rank, trade or fighting arm.
In Loving Memory Of The Naval Service Memorial

The Royal Naval Association has been running a project to mark the 60th anniversary of its Royal Charter in 2014. The RNA National Council wanted an all-inclusive memorial that commemorates those who have served, serve today and will serve tomorrow regardless of rank, trade or fighting arm. We sought designs for a memorial to be placed in the Naval Section of the National Memorial Arboretum (NMA) to be a place for shipmates and their families of the Naval Service to quietly remember their comrades and loved ones. The Naval Service consists of;

  • Royal Navy
  • Royal Marines
  • Royal Naval Reserves
  • Royal Marines Reserves
  • Royal Fleet Auxiliary
  • Women’s Royal Naval Service
  • Queen Alexandra’s Royal Naval Nursing Service
  • Royal Naval Auxiliary Service

The core idea has been developed and created by Graeme Mitcheson, based on a design submitted by Mr Nigel Huxtable, Assistant General Secretary RNA.

‘At the going down of the Sun we will remember them’.

The memorial shows a figure facing West into the setting sun, head bowed in respect to Shipmates. The figure suggests this could be a sailor from the bell bottoms and round cap held in the ‘at ease’ position, but is deliberately ambiguous.

Coloured glass panels diffuse light onto a white limestone pavement. The colours are those of the 5 oceans – Steel grey for the Atlantic; turquoise for the Indian; ultramarine blue for the Pacific; and with white inserts for the Arctic and Southern Ocean. Yellow for the rising sun – red is there for the setting sun and for the blood spilled at sea and on the land in the defence of our nation. Suggestions of green for the Royal Marines and dark colours for dived submarines.

The glass panels suggest waves and motion – from the side, masts in harbour. The panels vary in size to suggest the tide coming in and out. The glass panels cast a shadow suggesting the shape of a warship which is in the direct gaze of the figure. The shape of the shadow ship changes as the sun moves.

From right angles the glass panels suggest medal ribbons, the colours of the Atlantic and Arctic Stars are present.

The figure is made from battleship grey Kilkenny limestone, which turns black when wet, drying in patches showing the way water is integral to the figure.

Carved figure

The unveiling and dedication at the arboretum in Alrewas, Staffordshire, took place on Sunday June 15 2014. Their Royal Highnesses Prince and Princess Michael of Kent were in attendance, with a number of senior Royal Navy Officers and politicians. Mayors from Naval communities and Commanding Officers representing all the fighting arms of the Naval Service were invited. The parade consisted of the Royal Marines Band CTCRM and a guard from HMS Forward, who paraded the Royal Naval Reserve Colour. A contingent of Phase 2 trainees from HMS Collingwood and Sea Cadets from Warsash, near Southampton joined the RNA community and their families for this memorable event.

The Naval Service Memorial is not solely for the RNA, but a gift to the Naval Service from the RNA on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the RNA Charter. With over 15,000 members across 370 branches in the UK and overseas, we are a family of current and former Naval Service personnel, relatives and supporters of our country’s Royal Navy.

Whether we are catching up with friends at our regular social events; fundraising; advising on welfare and employment matters, or just providing an arm around the shoulder, our natural willingness to help others stems from the tradition and camaraderie that only Naval Service life can instil. Everything we do is inextricably linked to our core values: Unity, Loyalty, Patriotism and Comradeship.

Carved figure

The memorial has been made possible through generous donations given the Gosling Foundation, RNRMC, members of the Conference of Naval Associations and RNA branches and their members.

The Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity improves the lives of all who serve – past and present – and their families. We focus on those who wear uniform today – ships, squadrons, submarines and commandos – and do all we can to boost morale, improve facilities and ease the pressure that life in the Service can bring. We are a grant making charity and provide valuable funds for naval and military charities that work with families and veterans, especially those experiencing difficulty with child support, ill-health, old age or hard times.

“As the principal charity of the Royal Navy we strive to improve the quality of life for the entire Naval family and are proud to say that we do”.

Seafarers UK

Provide grants to specialist maritime charities and organisations, often small local ones, that are working to help serving and ex-serving seafarers and their families who are experiencing hardship. Our key aim is to provide sustainable funding and improve the quality of life for those in greatest need.


Our link to our memorial page is

The following is a list of those who have donated to The Naval Service Memorial; it is continually updated as donations are received.

The Gosling Foundation RNA Area 1 S/m Carrrington Tewkesbury Rotary Club
Royal Naval Association RNA Area 3 S/m Chatfield A M 2nd HMS Manchester
RN & RM Charity RNA Area 12 S/m Donovan R Folkstone Town Hall
Seafarers UK Bangor S/m Dudley B RMA Morecambe
Belfast S/m Glover D RN Golfing Society
Christchurch S/m Horn D The Ton Class Association
Greenford S/m Le-Voir G CQ Cufflinks Ltd
Llanelli S/m Laver L Just Giving
Lichfield S/m Meredith A J Sarah Ayton
Ludlow S/m Milligan Kevin Cornelius
Pershore S/m Mowbray D Mrs Glester
Owen G S/m Rees N Timperely Villa Football Club
The Ganges Association S/m White R
Lymington & District G R Condor
In memory of S/M Lock S Mrs Dawes
H Hoskyn
N P Watts
S/m Alice Inwood
S/m Beadle D
S/m Merriman J E
S/m Sanders E
S/m Chivers MBE
S/m Hughes J
S/m Long T
S/m Goode J
S/m Cotton F
S/m Cook E
S/m Price B
S/m Long D
S/m Newton B
S/m Plummer M J
S/m Haskell W
S/m Coyle M
S/m Batchford H
S/m White R W
S/m James G
S/m Denston C P
S/m Rennie J
S/m Hyman H
S/m McShee W
S/m White R W
S/m Weir A
S/m Haymen D
S/m Day R
S/m Forbes
S/m Applegate
S/m Craft M D
S/m Stafford J
S/m King R J
S/m Baum P
S/m Needham W
S/m Laver L
S/m Bill Atkinson

RNA branches

Arlesford Harlow Peterborough  Purley
Atherton Hemel Hempstead Plymouth  Rosyth & West Fife
Ashford Henlow Portland  St Austell
Ayslebury Huntingdon Ramsey  Bangor
Beccles Ketton Romford  Selsey
Bletchley Letchworth Royal Leamington Spa  Grantown on Spey
Brixham Limavady Runcorn  Bangor
Caerphilly Liskeard Sevenoaks  Lymington
Chester Llandudno Sherborne  St Austell
Corby Londonderry Skelmersdale  Rosyth & Fife
Costa Blanca Manor Park South Bristol  Purley
Crosby Margate Spalding
Delabole Mid Antrim Spennymoor
Derby Millom Sunderland
Dorchester Market Harborough Swaffham
Dublin Netley Tenbury Wells
East Antrim Newark Tyne
Eastbourne Newport Whitstable
Folkestone Newport South Wales Wisbech
Frome Norwich Woking
Gloucester Nuneaton Worthing
Gosport Oswestry Wymondham
Abbott A Davies T Lynam J Salt M
Amphett R Dovey C MacClean Sanders T
Angrove W J Downer S Mackenzie T Sanderson J
Armour R A Duff A Macleod-Carey A Sandford W
Ayton F Earley J Macrae I Sassoon H
Banham D East S Martin P Sharpe D
Banks Elliot K Masters A Short W
Bansall E Elmy B Masters A D Sims-William T J
Bansall-Allen E Entwistle Mayes D Smith D
Barlow J Farr R McCullough A Smith E
Barlow T Finch B A Mclean L Smith T
Barraclough Ford C Meldrum I Smith T J
Bassett L Gilchrist K Merrett P Southard P
Bell-Capel A Gladstone J Messenger P Staniford J
Bias R Goetz T Miles G Stone J
Bilverstone B Goode R Miles R Summers A
Birch F Grainger R M Minn H Sutherland
Bird D Grinstead Monk Thacker G
Blackett Gurney Moore R Thistlewaite
Blatchley P Hadler D Morison J T Thompson
Bloomfield T Hand C Morris K Thompson D
Bottomley J Hayward M Moss Tromans F
Bridger D Hillier Lt Cdr Moulding P S Tunks M
Briggs R Hine S Neilson R Turnbull K
Bristow L Hobson J Newton Lt Col Uglow
Brown A Holden K North M Unwin R
Brown D Holdsworth A Oliver J Rev OBE Valler A
Bunbury C Holland J Osment C Vickers J
Burgess A Horlick E Palmer A Walker W
Bush F Horn D Palmer S Warburton B
Cair D Hurford P Parker A Ward D
Cappell H Hutchinson Parker M Ward M
Carlton C Jackson B Parkin W Wareing P
Carrington D Jones R Parr A Watson R
Cassar-Torreggiani H Kent A Patience G Webster I
Charter S Ketteridge D Pearson S Welland A
Clayton E Lahiff S Peskin E Wheeler J
Clements S Lane M Pickering N Whetstone S
Constable A Laverick G Pickles J Whitaker A
Coombe D Lawrie D Pretty G Whitley G
Cooper R Leary G Purkiss R Williams M
Copelin B Lebeter W Rathbone P Williams N
Cowell A Leishman S Rendell R Wills F
Cox T Livesey D Richardson K Windust J
Crocker N Low R Richolme H Wood R
Croney Lucas J Robertson D E Woods F
Cummingham P Lunn F Roper W Woolhouse G
Wragg M

An information board is available at the NMA that tells the story of the memorial.  Should you wish you have a name annotated on this QR site ‘In memory’ of someone who has served, please contact RNA HQ.

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The Naval Service Memorial
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